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Poutre laminé

Rim Boards in Montréal, Cornwall and Ottawa


Rim Board

Manufactured for strength and consistency, Rim Board is ideal for supporting lateral and vertical loads as part of a floor system.

Rim Board increases efficiency on the job site in three ways:

  • It eliminates the need for cutting materials to match the length of joists on site
  • It creates flat surfaces for installing exterior siding
  • It reduces the need for squash blocks in most multi-story applications thanks to its high load capacity

These engineered-wood products are consistent, straight and more dimensionally stable than lumber, and unlike traditional lumber, Rim Board is pre-cut to match the height of the joists in your floor system. This eliminates hassles and reduces the likelihood of mistakes at the site.

E-RIM by Emercor

E-RIM by Emercor is an insulated rim board that is manufactured with a central core of polyurethane foam covered by two OSB panels. Like Rim Board, it supports lateral and vertical loads as part of a floor system and increases efficiency on the job site.

This product provides a method for superior insulation. In addition, it enhances the energy efficiency of homes, and significantly reduces the volume of materials used at the site. E-RIM is easy to install, decreases problems related to humidity and provides comfort throughout the year.

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