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From Montréal to Ottawa – OPEN JOIST 2000® Floor Joist


The Triforce series of open joists is a solid option to begin your construction. The main advantages of building with these joists are as follows:

  • Strength
  • The versatility of the product
  • The ease of installation on site


Our open joists are environmentally friendly and are fabricated with the aid of robots, using kiln-dried lumber with no deformities and optimal humidity levels. In other words, not only are the joists straight, they are also all identical in terms of length and height. The top and bottom components are made from 2 x 3s or 2 x 4s, which provide a good nailing surface for installing the sheathing.

The chords are glued together using a waterproof structural adhesive, which means that the joists are free of nails and metal plates. This allows for easy passage of electrical and mechanical components throughout your open floor system. One end of each joist is fabricated using a structural-quality OSB panel, which allows you to trim up to 24". This makes on-site adjustments easy and worry free.

Triforce open joists are available in industry-standard sizes, namely 9 ½", 11 7/8", 14" and 16". Our 16" joists come in an impressive maximum length of 30 feet.

TriforceTM Open Joist products continue to provide you with "Peace of mind underfoot®!"

For more information or to purchase Triforce open joists, please contact us.


Spec Sheets - Open joists


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