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I-Joists in the Ottawa, Cornwall and Montréal Areas


I-joists are often the quickest and most economical option when it comes to engineered floor systems. The main advantages of building using I-joists include superior adjustment options and the ease of installation. They are also economical.

Our joists can be extended up to 48 feet using multiple supports. This means less cutting on site, which makes the installation of the floor system faster and easier.

The lengths of the joists are made from high-performance OSB panels glued to the 2x3 or 2x4 engineered-wood top and bottom components, which provide a good nailing surface for installing the sheathing. The joists can be cut at any point along their length. Every order is accompanied by an assembly plan that contains the appropriate construction details.

Although the I-joist floor is a closed-truss system, there are a wide range of permissible holes that can be cut into the OSB panel in order to easily accommodate your electrical and mechanical components (see the spec sheets).

These lightweight and economical joists are available in industry-standard sizes, namely 9 ½", 11 7/8", 14" and 16".

For more information or to purchase I-joists at competitive prices, please contact us.


Spec Sheets - I-Joists

Examples of I-joists
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